Check out the best & creamy Mashed Potato Recipe

2 President India chiplets salted butter with 100g and 500g salted butter. Mashed potatos in the background.

Mashed potato is not only healthy but also very easy to make. You just need potatoes, salt, butter, milk, and pepper to make this recipe. The mashed potato recipe can be prepared quickly and requires very little effort. Moreover, it is quite filling. You will stay full for longer hours.

Cheesy mashed potato: The recipe

Here is all you need for your mashed potato recipe:

● 2 to 3 teaspoons of sea salt
● 400 grams of potatoes
● 1 inch cream cheese chunk (if you want a creamy mashed potato recipe)
● ¼ cup milk
● Toppings (you can add any of your choice)
● 2 to 3 cloves of garlic
● Butter (Use a good quality butter from brands like President)

How to make mashed potatoes?

Here is a step-by-step guide that will help you to make the best mashed potato:

● Start by cutting the potatoes. It is better to peel them before cutting. Make sure that all the pieces are of the same size and not bigger or thicker than an inch. Soak them in cold water for some time before moving on. Many chefs prefer soaking them for a few hours as well before preparing them. If you soak them for long, just add a few ice cubes to the water so that it stays cold.
● Put your potato pieces in a pot and add the garlic cloves and 1 teaspoon salt. Pour water in it until the potato pieces are completely submerged. Now, turn your stove on and wait for the potatoes to boil. Check the pieces with a knife or fork after 10 to 12 minutes. If you can insert it smoothly, the potatoes are boiled. Carefully, take them out of the water.
● While boiling the potatoes, use a pan to heat butter and milk together. Add another teaspoon of salt and wait for the butter to melt. However, make sure that it does not boil.
● Once the boiled potato pieces cool down, you can mash them. You can use any tool for this purpose. Just make sure you do not overdo it. Also, check the temperature twice if you are planning to mash them with your hands.
● Now, add the butter mixture slowly to the mashed potatoes. Do not put all of it at once. Wait for the liquid to get absorbed after adding a little bit. Continue mixing and mashing the potatoes until the butter mixture is over. Add the cream cheese as well and mix it properly. This will ensure that your creamy mashed potato recipe tastes delicious.
● Finally, check the salt. Add more if required. Put some black pepper in your mashed
potato for seasoning. You can garnish with any extra toppings like broccoli or onions
for added flavours.


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