Tips on How to Add Butter to Your Diet to Make it Healthier

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Butter is consumed across the world because it enhances the taste of your food and has various health benefits. Consuming good butter helps in bone and dental development. Also, many people do not know that you can consume butter for weight loss as well. Although using butter for weight loss may sound surprising, it can be done. Good butter contains butyrate that lowers your insulin resistance. This helps in reducing weight. Whether you are making any curry or baking, butter can be used in various recipes. However, you should be careful if you are including butter in your diet. This is because butter has a high concentration of saturated fats and calories. Consuming too much butter can lead to several health complications. This is why you have to include butter in your diet in a healthy manner.

People with high blood pressure or hypertension cannot consume salt. Since regular butter contains salt, hypertension patients cannot consume it. A healthy way to add quality butter to their diet is by opting for salt-free butter. Salt-free butter has almost the same properties as regular butter, except the salt. Hence, it provides your body with all the essential vitamins and minerals.

However, the high salt content in butter is not the only concern. Butter is a rich source of saturated fats as well. Saturated fats increase your body’s cholesterol level, which can lead to various health complications. If you are consuming butter, you should stop consuming other food items that are good sources of saturated fats like red meat, whole milk, cheese, etc.

Mentioned below are a few tips for including butter in your diet in a healthy manner:

  • Try to replace good butter with other healthy alternatives. For instance, if you use canola or olive oil instead of quality butter, you can enjoy the flavour of quality butter without all the saturated fats.
  • Instead of adding good butter at the beginning, add it to your recipe at the end. When you add it at the end of preparing a dish, the flavour really shines and your requirement reduces.
  • When preparing any recipe, you do not always have to add the exact amount of butter mentioned. Sometimes, using a little less butter will not hurt.
  • When cooking, always consider using nonstick pans. Since you do not require a lot of oil or butter while using them, you can reduce your butter intake.

To ensure that consuming butter does not harm your health, one of the first things you have to keep in mind is buying quality butter. Many local brands do not sell good butter. They often adulterate the products to earn more profit. This is why you must only trust renowned brands like President for buying quality butter. President sells good butter at very reasonable rates. You can buy both salted and salt-free butter.


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