Amazing Mozzarella Cheese Nutrition Facts & Health Benefits

President India Mozzarella diced with cheese block

People enjoy the taste of melting cheese in their mouths. This is the reason behind mozzarella cheese’s huge demand. From pizzas, sandwiches to lasagne, cheese is widely used in various dishes to enhance their taste. However, many argue that the consumption of fresh mozzarella cheese is harmful to your body. Do you really think that mozzarella cheese is unhealthy?

Mentioned below are a few health benefits of mozzarella cheese that will surely nullify these claims:


Contains Niacin

Since milk is used for making fresh mozzarella cheese, it is replete with all the nutrients available in milk. Vitamin B3 or Niacin, present in mozzarella cheese, helps in turning fat in the human body into energy. Moreover, Niacin intake reduces cholesterol in the body and the risk of various diseases like diabetes and arthritis.


Presence of Fat-Soluble Vitamins

To ensure that your body absorbs calcium properly for bone and muscle development, the presence of various fat-soluble vitamins is required in the body. Low-fat mozzarella cheese is a great source of various fat-soluble vitamins like D, E, and A.


Bone Development

Proper development of bones is very essential so that you can reduce the risk of fractures during any accident. Various cheese variants contain high levels of calcium and consuming mozzarella cheese can help in increasing the calcium level in your body significantly. It is said that every 28.3 grams of fresh mozzarella cheese contains 183 milligrams of calcium, necessary to make your bones and teeth stronger. Also, calcium plays a crucial role in reducing the risk of colon cancer.


A high content of Phosphorus

The presence of phosphorus in your body is important to absorb calcium from foods. Besides that, phosphorus intake improves the digestion process, enhances the functioning of your brain, and makes the kidneys healthier. Furthermore, phosphorus is important to fight muscle fatigue. Fresh mozzarella is a good source of phosphorus.

5. A good source of Zinc

One of the important minerals present in low-fat mozzarella cheese is zinc. Zinc is essential for your body because it helps in dealing with various skin problems. Also, it stimulates the functioning of your prostate gland and helps in losing excess weight. Further, zinc boosts your body’s immunity by increasing the white blood cell count in your body.


A great source of Protein

You should consume mozzarella cheese if your body requires more protein. Consuming this cheese ensures that you stay energetic and gain muscle strength. Buy mozzarella cheese online today!

There are many cheese brands across the country and you should be careful while choosing the brands. One must buy from renowned cheese manufacturers like President. It is a trusted brand in over 50 countries and sells the best mozzarella cheese online made from premium quality milk.


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