Some Less Known Fact About President Butter

Block of butter with President India salted and unsalted butter

Typically made by churning curd made from cow’s milk, butter is one of the most popular dairy products. The curd is churned until the butter separates and floats on top. It is considered to be an ideal food for meeting our body’s daily nutritional needs. All said and done, it’s rich taste and creamy texture is enough for anyone to be tempted to use it as a spread on a slice of bread, for baking, cooking and frying, among many other things.

It’s true that butter is made of fat but contrary to popular belief, all that fat is not bad for health. It is due to lack of proper knowledge about butter that has made people believe in misleading facts about it. It’s true, a little bit of butter goodness is enough to add a rich flavour and a whole lot of nutrition to your food. Let’s shed light on some less known facts about butter that not only makes it a safe dairy product, but a nutritious one.

President Butter
President Butter

Butter Makes Everything Better

Promotes Bone Health

Rich in a variety of essential minerals like manganese, zinc, copper and selenium, butter is known to be highly beneficial in maintaining bone health and stimulating bone repair as well as re-growth. These vital minerals have long been known for improving bone health.

Great For Your Eyes

With high levels of beta carotene, butter has been known to boost eye health. Moreover, it helps in stimulating additional cellular growth, minimises the risk of macular degeneration and deters the onset of cataracts.

Improves Intestinal Health

Along with a range of elements, butter is known to conjointly incorporate glycosphingolipids- special sort of fatty acids that shield your body against dozens of canal problems.  

Reduces Cancer Risks

Butter is an excellent source of beta carotene, which your body converts into vitamin A. Studies show that beta-carotene has been proven to reduce the risk of lung and prostate cancer.

Good For the Skin

We know that vitamin E plays a crucial in maintaining good skin health. Loaded with vitamin E, butter helps reducing the damage from UV sun rays, reduces skin inflammation and improves the body’s ability to heal wounds.

Boosts Thyroid Health

Studies show that most people who suffer with thyroid related problems also suffer from vitamin A deficiency. A rich source of vitamin A, butter is highly beneficial in dealing with thyroid related issues. It promotes the proper functioning and regulating of hormones secreted throughout the body.

Milk and milk products are an integral part of the daily staple in India, and among them butter is the most popular. Considering the huge popularity of butter, there is no doubt that there are multiple brands that sell butter in India. There are so many varieties to choose from, each claiming to be the best butter in India. If you ask us, it has to be President Butter all the way. Once you get a taste of the delicious, delicate and creamy President butter, there is certainly no going back. Right from the meadows of the Loire Valley in France, to most households in India, President Butter brings to you over 7 decades of French artisanship and tradition into the widest range of speciality butter.


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