Some less known Facts about Good Butter and the History of Butter


The butter history dates back to Western civilization. It is believed that butter was used in ancient Rome. However, people used it to treat various ailments like coughs and aching joints instead of consuming it. The Hindu deity, Krishna is offered butter in India. People have been following this practice for nearly 3,000 years. There are mentions of butter in the Bible as well. It is said that Abraham and Sarah had offered butter to the three visiting angels. Hence, butter history is very old, and figuring out exactly when butter was discovered can be difficult.

Get to know what experts are talking about butter history

Experts say butter history may be more humble. Many reckon that good butter was first made by nomads and it was an accident. Someone must have stored milk in sheepskin and after carrying it for a day, the milk had turned into butter. Over the years, people must have noticed it and learned how to make butter. However, this is just a rumor. The oldest known technique is similar to this and still used by Syrian farmers. They skin a goat, store milk in it, and shake the hide to turn the milk into butter.

Using oil for cooking has always remained quite common among Mediterranean people. People in Northern Europe preferred consuming butter. It was so famous that the Greek poet Anaxandrides called the Northern fighters “butter-eaters.” There are various other reasons that made butter consumption in the North so popular. For instance, the climate in the North was much cooler. Hence, storing butter was easier for the people in the North than the Mediterranean people. With time, butter got extremely famous and the butter industry had started booming by the 12th century. Experts found out that butter was heavily exported by Scandinavian merchants and it was one of the key pillars supporting their economy. In Norway, butter was collected as tax by the king. Hence, it was quite essential there as well.

Butter had reached almost every corner of Europe by the Middle Ages. People were hooked on this food item, both rich and poor. Since it was cheap, it was a very popular source of nourishment for poor people. Further, good butter enhances the taste of meats and vegetables as well.

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