Is Mozzarella Cheese Healthy?

President Mozzarella & Diced Cheese

Mozzarella cheese is made from milk. It tastes delicious and contains a lot of calories. However, those are not the only two reasons why people like mozzarella cheese. Mozzarella cheese is healthy and contains many proteins and nutrients that are essential for your health. Here are the mozzarella cheese nutrition contents per 21g:

  • Protein – 4.98 g 
  • Fat – 4.28 g 
  • Calcium – 146 mg
  • Carbohydrates – 0.932 g 
  • Sodium – 147 milligrams (mg) 
  • Energy – 62.6 kcal 

Consuming mozzarella cheese is healthy and you can benefit significantly. Mentioned below are a few mozzarella cheese health benefits:

1. A Great Source of Biotin

Mozzarella cheese has a high concentration of Biotin, also known as Vitamin B7. Your body does not store it as it is water-soluble. Hence, you can satisfy the immediate need for nutrients by consuming mozzarella cheese. According to many studies, vitamin B7 can help to control your blood sugar level and prevent your nails from turning brittle. However, make sure you buy the best cheese from renowned cheese brands.

2. Contains a High Concentration of Fat-Soluble Vitamins

This is one of the best cheese types. It is a great source of various fat-soluble vitamins, vitamin D, E, and A to name a few. These vitamins are very essential for your body so that calcium from your food can be absorbed and the immune system can be developed. 

3. A Great Source of Vitamin B3

Your body requires vitamin B3 or Niacin for turning body fat into energy. If it fails to perform the task properly, you might gain weight. This cheese type is a great source of vitamin B3 or Niacin. Hence, consuming mozzarella cheese is quite beneficial for your health. However, that is not the only mozzarella cheese health benefit. It helps in controlling your blood cholesterol levels and can prevent various health conditions like diabetes and arthritis.

4. Contains Zinc

One of the most essential minerals present in mozzarella cheese is zinc. It has various health benefits. To begin with, zinc can help in battling various skin issues. Also, it increases your white blood cell count and hence, improves the immunity system. Additionally, zinc regulates the functions of the prostate gland and helps in losing weight. This makes it one of the best cheese types.

5. Helps in Bone and Dental Development

The mozzarella cheese nutrition level is high since it is made using milk. It is a great source of calcium. Your body requires calcium to ensure the proper development of your teeth and bones. 

If you want to buy cheese, it is crucial to buy premium quality mozzarella cheese. President is one of the best cheese brands in India that sells high-quality and tasty mozzarella cheese at very reasonable rates.


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